Meet The Team


Professor Elaine Baker

MSI Director

Director of the GRID- Arendal Office at the University

Professor Tim Stephens

MSI Deputy Director

Dr Edwina Tanner

MSI Coordinator

Project Manager of the World Harbour Project

Siobhan Threlfall

MSI Technical Coordinator


Sasha Baianov

Research Focus: Mercury in Fish

Read about Sasha’s project here.

Petra Arola

Research Focus: Plastics on our beaches

Read about Petra’s project here.

Jia Yi (Nina) Ni

Research Focus: Tread Lightly

Read more about Nina’s project here.

Felicia Tedjasasmita

Research Focus: Mercury in Fish

Quan Fang Kuah (Aiden)

Research Focus: Mercury in Fish

Joshua Chew

Studies Data Science and Statistics

Research Focus: Global Mercury Database; Hotspots for marine plastics

Ellen Wong

Research Focus: Global Mercury Database