Current Projects

Tread Lightly

Our day to day activities have environmental consequences, be them small or large, good or bad. At MSI we are seeking to quantify how daily activities from brushing your teeth, to getting to work, and eating dinner impact our environment. We hope to find everyday solutions to combat our personal carbon emissions. Together we can tread lightly on this earth.

Mercury in Fish

Mercury poisoning from fish has long been a concern for the world ever since the Minamata disaster in Japan. At MSI we have created a database of research into mercury levels in fish and marine sediment across the world. It is hoped that this database can help us to compare mercury levels across the world and between species.

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Hotspots for marine plastics: identifying sources and sinks

MSI is investigating the distribution of microplastics on Australian beaches on a spatial and temporal scale. The aim is to identify hotspots for microplastic sedimentation in beach sand by looking at abundances of microplastics in different locations.

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