MSI Associates

NameContact informationResearch Interest
Dr Joanna mathematics and coastal geomorphology
Prof Elaine Baker
Director MSI rising, Deep sea mining
Dr Joy infectious diseases affecting global aquaculture.
Prof Gavin change and biological risk posed by contaminants in estuarine/harbour sediments: Sydney Harbour/estuary (Australia)
Dr Michelle mammal research
Dr Elisa Oyster Project, Educational Designer University of Sydney
Dr Eleanor Geospatial Management System Sydney Harbour Area
Dr Ana species in urban estuaries
Prof Maria of ocean acidification on the interaction between tropical sea cucumbers, sediment biota and lagoon carbonate dynamics – direct and indirect effects of high CO2
Prof Doug Behavioural Response of Australian Humpback Whales to Seismic Surveys (BRAHSS)
A/Prof Amin Chabchoub

Dr Smantha Clark submarine landslides trigger tsunamis?
A/Prof Ross impacts of human activities (e.g. pollution, buildings, seawalls) on coastal environments and how best to measure them
Dr Navneet use of epidemiological and statistical tools to improve public health and to solve intricate problems confronting animal industries
Prof Dale Society & Environment interactions in relation to Natural hazards (tsunami, storm surges, tropical cyclones, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes & climate change)
Dr Olivia Oyster Mortality Syndrome – closing knowledge gaps to continue farming Crassostrea gigas in Australia.
Dr Renata Ferrari Reefs Project
A/Prof Will Ecology of Marine Ecosystems, Marine Resource Management & Conservation, Population Ecology of Marine Fish (Temperate-Tropical)
Dr Daniel the Great Barrier Reef – Cloud Whitening droplet generator
Dr Paul Oyster Mortality Syndrome
Dr Tom submarine landslides trigger tsunamis?
Prof Itai materials and particulate systems
Dr Kate More Than Fish: Tradition and transformation in environmental conflicts, analysed the discursive and material relationship between culture and sustainability through the case study of tuna and La Tonnara – a tuna trap fishery used for centuries in Southern Italy
Prof Ian the Great Barrier Reef and Fertilising the ocean to help food security
Prof Peter Spectroscopic Analysis of Microplastics and Microfibres in Fish
Prof Rosmary Centre for Climate and Environmental Law
Dr Gabriel Ecology of Marine Predators: challenges and opportunities
A/Prof Federico Maggi flows of water, transport and fate of chemical species, and bio-physical processes linking nutrient cycles, plants, and soil microbial communities. 
Dr Ziggy the processes that generate, maintain and impact marine ecosystems.
Dr Bree mobility, bioavailability and toxicity of trace metals in natural and disturbed coastal systems.
Prof Dietmar Mü geophysics and geodynamics, plate tectonics. Machine Learning Approaches to Analysing Global Sea Surface and Seafloor Data
Dr Richard 
Prof Elspeth the Ocean – communicating complexity
DR Elliot of marine invertebrates and their responses to environmental stress.
Dr Maria Earth’s Hidden Continent
Dr Yehuda Shalem 
Coordinator of the MSI interaction in coastal water using geochemistry and modelling
Dr Brigitte Community ecology, macroecology and biogeography
Prof Tim Stephens
Deputy Director MSI Governance in the Anthropocene – The Carbonation Challenge
Dr Edwina Tanner
Coordinator of the MSI and global warming (CO2 emissions)
Dr Emma Proofing the Sydney Rock Oyster
A/Prof Ana research at the University of Sydney
Dr Ashley ecology of fish
A/Prof Jody and Groove Evolution, Formation and Paleoclimate: Great Barrier Reef and French Polynesia
Prof Richard Animal Health and Environmental Immunology
Prof Stefan Systems at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (navigation and mapping, clustering and classification, novel sensing, survey designs and platform designs)